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Mame Diara Ndiaye

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Keynote Speaker


Tasheka Green,

CEO of Amour Proper Mink

PAYD is very good at what they do. I knew what wanted for my business but I knew thst I needed more guidance. PAYD was able to help me create a great pitch for my business. In addition to, providing our employees with strategies to help to increase professionalism and build great relationships with client.

It feels good have a business consultant to help manage change, deliver trainings and identify the best strategies to maximize growth. I strongly believe that I could not have started my business  without PAYD. I recommend small business owners and to use PAYD's "Business Consulting" service to enhance the effectiveness of your business.


Rakeisha Bowens

College Graduate

Mame is the BEST tutor a girl like me can ever have . She was always so calm and non-judgmental when it came to tutoring and that made me feel comfortable to ask questions. She helped guide me through all areas of confusion without making me feel uneducated. Also she is so smart and easy going.  I met her during my freshman year at a community college. I can ask her for help with anything and she is always willing to help.


Specifically, I use Mame's services when I need to brainstorm ideas for an assignment or need another person to proofread my academic papers. I’m a college graduate now and she has been influential in my success. Thank you for EVERYTHING! I would recommend that all  students use her "Essay Editing and Proofreading" services! 

coach sangue.PNG

Rassoul Dia,

Fitness Trainer aka CoachSangue

Listen!! I was always told "when it's too good to be true, it's fake" and I've always believed that.
I had the same thought too when I heard about PAYD. I was like "who will take their precious time to help someone else get paid?" THEY DID!!! They literally guided me through the process, step by step. As a result, I was able to effectively train my clients and have someone to coach me on the business side of things. I am a personal trainer and having PAYD in my corner makes things easier. If you haven't gotten in touch with them yet, I promise you wont be wasting your time or money! If I can do it, you can do it too. Thank you PAYD for changing my life.


Private Coaching

Whether you need a coaching program curated just for you or you need help preparing for an upcoming interview or college application, I’ll work with you to help you achieve your goals. 

Work with Mame



PAYD is dedicate to your success! We are here to provide you with all the rich resources to get you PAYD. Get it?

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