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Help Mister Bane provide Meals for Impoverished Senegalese Youth During Ramadan!

PAYD is helping Mr. Bane and Senegalese Youth during Ramadan!

Mister Bane is an educator in Senegal who teaches youth who do not have access to the formal education sector, for various reasons. Primarily, he teaches them the English language. These are impoverished youth in Senegal. We would like your assistance with providing meals for them throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

This is a partnership between PAYD and AMHI to provide Mister Bane with the best resources needed to get his message out to the world. Bane has done a fantastic job, and now it is our time to help! Please click here to donate to this cause through our GoFundMe page.

Help us get to our goal of 1000 USD!

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